Spiritual Gizmos I: Getting Energetic Clarity and Holding Boundaries


Spiritual Gizmos are a series of tools used to help us free ourselves from whatever is keeping us from realizing our true self.  They are a powerful set of simple visualizations that work throughout the day and night and can also be combined together to work as a powerful form of meditation and assist us with developing our intuition.

Spiritual Gizmos I will cover the following tools:

Grounding Cords:  A tool designed to help us release energy that doesn’t belong to us or that no longer serves us.

Golden Sun:  Allows us to bring our energy back into our bodies from wherever we left it.

Center of our Head:  Allows us to hear our higher self and respond to the world rather than react to it.

Earth and Cosmic Energy:  Allows us to move unconscious energy out of our space and connect with the earth and heavens.

Delineation Rose:  Allows us to look at energy and process it before it enters into our space

….and more.  

At the end of Spiritual Gizmos I you will be able to:

Stay grounded 

Know your own energy vs someone else’s and release what isn’t yours

Keep others energy out of your space

Be able to respond to situations from a neutral place rather than react.

Clear your communications with others

Remove resistance from any situation

Increase your ability to receive more of what you want 

….and more

Spritual Gizmos I is held either Tuesday or Thursday evenings depending on the month from 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. 

Cost is $100.00 for a 4 week session

Instructor:  Cheryl Barry