Finding the True Path to Healing

Everyone goes through health challenges from time to time. It can be extremely difficult to handle the emotional, psychological and physical issues that come up during an illness, and it is crucial that you find the healing path that works best for your condition. In the United States, almost 38% of adults use some form of alternative medicine, but there are a wide range of modalities included in that statistic, with variable success rates.


With all of the choices of treatment options out there, how do you know what path is for you?  

No matter what you’re going through, there are always many ways to approach the problem, and plenty of opinions on what “works.” Your friends and family may be full of good advice about how someone from their church/office/school tried an alternative remedy and it worked miracles, but the same treatment may or may not work for you and your special needs.  And maybe you’re not into all that “woo-woo” stuff, and don’t want someone waving feathers over you and chanting. That’s fine, but what if there was something else out there that might really work?  

On the other hand, the treatment plans of the western medical tradition can be severe in nature and less tailored to your best interests. The health industry may make you feel like they know best, and that you don’t. Whatever you’re facing, it is usually presented in a worst-case-scenario so that you take it seriously, but this can also instill fear and helplessness.

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As women, we’re trained to wait for a rescuer “prince charming” and when that guy shows up in a white lab coat and they tell us what we need to do, we have a tendency to take them at their word and not consider if it is truly right for us. Of course you need to take the information your doctor offers seriously and realize the risks and realities of your situation, but it is also important to make decisions from a place of power rather than “expecting someone to save you.”  That goes for alternative therapies as well.

Ultimately any type of illness is the physical body telling you that something is off.  So, rather than covering symptoms or trying to cut away what is wrong, it can be more powerful to really listen to the messages from within in regards to healing. No one knows more about your body than you and there is a unique healing path for each individual. Even if two people have the same diagnosis, their personal healing journeys may look very different.

It is crucial to align yourself with your higher wisdom and healing power and then decide the path that will be most beneficial for you. That may be taking your doctor’s advice, consulting a healer, or allowing your body to take care of itself - or all three!

So how do I get my personal power back, listen to my body and find the best path for healing?

1 - Don’t make rash decisions. Don’t agree to any procedure or treatment until you’ve had some time to investigate, ask questions and get some perspective on the whole thing. Meditate on it. Breathe deep and know that you have options and there are possibilities for healing.


2 - Consider alternative or complementary modalities.  Check out the therapists, and experts on your condition and read about the personal experiences of people who have gone through the same thing. Know that there is no perfect course of action, but that you can create the best choice for yourself.

3 - Don’t make the illness the enemy. The illness is not something that is wrong with you, but rather a message to come into alignment with what is most healing for your body. It is a call to action for self-care and self-acceptance rather than an opportunity to make war on yourself.

4 - Surrender to the bigger plan and realize that ultimately, your health is God’s business. Even if your illness is life-threatening, know that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you and your family to find an inner strength and capacity for compassion that you didn’t know was there.

The path of healing is truly a journey from birth to death, a balancing act all along the way. This is the time to keep up your meditation practice (or start a new one), make friends with the unknown, and know that your body is a perfect vehicle for transformation and enlightenment - no matter what condition it is in now.

Have you gone through a personal healing challenge? What therapies worked for you? How did your experience change who you are now?