Exploring the Secrets of Divination

Seeking answers? Frustrated with the status quo? Feeling like you don't have good judgement?  Join the Crowd!!


I started reading tarot cards when I was 9 years old. I had gone to a palm reader when I was 8, I was fascinated by her clarity of my life, how did she know these things?  I've always talked to animals, trees, and fairies ....I could sense and perceive energy bodies around people, places and things. I didn't know one other person who thought the way I did, except that elderly woman.  She inspired a desire for answers inside me.

When I was 25, I took a two year advanced tarot course  where I learned about numerology and further information about astrology.  Shortly after, I began reading at parties and gatherings. The best readings are the ones that begin with an open heart, a clear question, and a true desire to evolve. The trick is to bypass your intellect (thinking mind) and speak to your heart. It takes a lot of courage to hear the truth of your heart, usually guarded with defenses and  excuses. The all honesty inside your heart inevitability forces you to take charge of your actions, re-actions and life. Truth creates liberation.

Tarot cards speak through pictures and universal life themes . The cards lead you back to a trust of your own inner knowing. Beginning with the Fool's great leap of innocence into the unknown and ending with the culmination of the World's mastery, every step is charted, universal.

When you find a great deck which speaks to you in the right language of your heart, you can begin building a trust of it's knowledge, as your own. I have a few decks, one that I read other people with, one that I ask serious questions to, one to inspire me with lovely affirmations. Every time I choose a card it comes from a question that I seek resolution....I always get a message, not always the one you want, but ultimately the deck doesn't care about your ego, only the truth.   

So why seek guidance outside of yourself?  Good question. On Friday February 28 Curiosity Night, I will be speaking about this and many other subjects including the tarot, numerology, astrology, flower essences, Reiki, tuning forks, and energy healing and who knows what else!   

See you there!  Lisa Lord