Holding Your Own


We live in a complicated world or at least one that appears to be complicated.  What if it weren't?  What if it were really simple?  Working with peoples energetic bodies, the world does get pretty simple - this is this persons energy and this is not.  Pretty black and white for a world full of grey.  

When carrying around other peoples energy, we can feel anxious, frustrated, angry, tired or have a headache or stomache ache. This can look like spending time with a friend only to leave them and feel completely drained or to be with someone who is very anxious only to find yourself feeling anxious and nervous.  What most people don't realize is that they don't have to carry around other peoples energy and when they can let it go the world gets a whole lot easier to be in.  

So if it's so much easier to carry our own energy than someone else's why do we continue to carry other peoples energy in our space?  The simple answer is that we aren't aware that it's there or that it is causing us discomfort or dis - ease.  How do we get rid of it?  By grounding ourselves and releasing the energy down our ground.  There are many ways to ground as this a natural thing for us to do, the easiest is to take a walk  with our feet touching the earth or to dig in the garden.  Our bodies naturally ground when we come into contact with the earth, but of course we rarely do that in our world so some other ways to ground are by exercising or moving our bodies with dance, prayer or meditation and my personal favorite a grounding cord.

A Grounding Cord is an imaginary cord in any form that you would like it to take, but the more amusing it is the better, examples are a feather boa, a string of pearls, a tree trunk, a water slide.  Imagine this cord running from your first chakra (at the base of your spine) all the way down to the center of the planet.  It is flexable and has the ability to grow longer if need be.  You will want to anchor it into your first chakra and into the earths solid core by whatever means makes sense for that cord in other words, a clasp, some tape, roots and tree top, the top of the slide and a pool of water etc.  Once it is firmly attached, you want to expand it so that it grows to be at least as wide as you are and then at the top of the cord notice a light switch.  When you flip this switch you will turn the grounding cord on for full release of any energy that does not belong to you or that no longer serves you.  

If you'd like to learn more about holding your own space, join Meditation I which begins the first week of every month.