Flower Essences: Nature’s Gentle Healer by Vicki Wiepking

Flower Essences: Nature’s Gentle Healer

I think everyone can benefit from using flower essences. They are natural, safe and easy to use, and effective for a huge variety of issues that us crazy humans struggle with on a daily basis. In fact, the pioneer of this kind of therapy, Dr. Edward Bach, designed his revolutionary healing formulas back in the 1920’s with the idea in mind that individuals themselves could finally take charge of their own well being.

While flower essences are readily available in most health food stores, I offer them to my clients every time they book an energy healing session – for free. That’s how important and effective I think they are, as I’ve witnessed the amazing results of these formulas on both a personal and professional level. Many emotional and mental difficulties that my clients have been struggling with for years and years begin to instantly shift when they start taking flower essences. For reals, people. 

They help you see how you are a big part of both the problem and the solution to what isn’t working in your life. And they even support you through the gradual process of changing it as well. All in one little bottle. Pretty good deal if you ask me. 

What are flower essences?

Not to be confused with essential oils (which are amazing also), flower essences are the energetic blueprints of plants preserved in a homeopathic liquid formula. Yup, flowers and water. That’s it.  They are easy to make at home, but since having flowers year ‘round from all over North America is tricky, I leave that business to the professionals. However, I love to mix up just the right combination of flower essences for my clients to help them get through life with a little less stress.

How do they work?

The energy and consciousness of the flowers themselves have a vibrational influence on our energy fields. Your body’s own energy field naturally wants to harmonize with a stronger, more powerful field, and these little magic potions have a profound effect on weak or low energy fields. Take them in a glass of water several times a day (or just put some in a large water bottle) and sit back to notice the effects.

What are they for?

A combination of the right flower essences can help you with everything from depression and grief, anxiety and fear, feeling stuck in your life, overwhelm and exhaustion (am I hitting any nerves here?) even having trouble waking up in the morning, the list of ailments goes on and on.  There really isn’t an emotional issue or psychological pattern out there that flower essences can’t handle. Seriously, I’ve got you covered.

Do they have side effects?

These energetic formulas have been FDA approved for over 30 years, and a known case of a side effect has never been reported. Since they contain only a trace amount of plant matter, water and a bit of alcohol to preserve them, there is little to influence the physical body, but much that can influence the energy body itself, making them safe for everyone to use.

Pregnant mothers, babies, children, even pets can positively benefit from using flower essences.  Teething, weaning and sleep issues, temper tantrums or jealousy of another sibling all can be soothed and shifted with these powerful formulas.  Cranky dogs and skittish horses respond especially well to flower essences, and even my grumpy but sweet old cat benefits from a little squirt in his water dish from time to time

How do I use them?

You can go to the health food store or order flower essences online. They cost about $15 each and will last a long time. However, if you need 6-7 essences each month, adding one or two new ones each month as needed, that can add up quickly. Rather than spend your hard-earned dough on bottles that you won’t use up, I’m happy to whip up a custom blend just for you for the same price. 

I will be hosting Curiosity Night at A Soul’s Own Place, on Friday, January 31st.  Stop by to learn more about flower essences and get your own flower essence formula made on the spot, just for you.  Find out how these gentle, natural essences can help you heal in the most profound ways.

Not able to make it?  Contact me directly, or come in to A Soul’s Own place to find your own formula from La Vie de la Rose.  Once you discover the wonders of flower essences, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without these amazing tools for healing and transformation.