Embracing the Goddess Within

Embracing the Goddess within

Did you know that inside each and every woman is a goddess, waiting to unleash her energy upon the world?  Sometimes this energy can be sweet and loving, or at times, destructive and chaotic, but there is no denying that it is powerful. So why is it important to harness this power?

Knowing which type of goddess energy comes naturally to you and which type you could use a little help with allows women to discover both their inner gifts as well as understand the challenges they face. Once you learn to harness this energy for yourself, you will glide through life, spreading joy and love. No regrets, no compromises.

The different goddess archetypes represent beliefs and behaviors from the collective consciousness that can teach us about our inner natures – the good and bad. Through understanding the power of these goddesses we can reconnect with our own spiritual wisdom and psychological power to guide us through the various stages and events of our lives.

The goddess not only supports physical life but also spiritual life. Natural cycles of creation and destruction, birth and death are both revealed and understood through goddess energy. These seeming opposite forces of life can be connected and embraced through the wisdom of the goddess.

So who are these goddesses?

Every culture has their own goddess from Mother Mary to Kali to the Corn Mother, the power of the divine feminine has been worshiped for centuries. Today we can see traces of her everywhere, even though in our culture she has been air-brushed a bit too much, so perhaps the Greek pantheon of goddesses is the most familiar.


This is the super-sexy vixen whose primary concern is beauty and romance. She loves all things feminine, definitely shops at Frederick’s of Hollywood and wouldn’t bat a false eyelash at anyone who disapproves.


She is the tree-hugging maiden who prefers to live alone in the woods, supports women’s rights and can shoot a deer with both precision and compassion.  She is more likely to take on environmental battles and adopt a bunch of stray animals before getting involved in a romantic entanglement.


A career-driven, sharp witted lady who graduated at the top of her class would describe this over-achieving goddess.  She is an authority figure who is involved in education and politics with a motivation and dedication that others lack.


The goddess of the harvest is the one you’ll find planting a backyard garden that produces enough bounty for her own family and those of her community as well. She is the mother goddess who embraces her young with a nurturing embrace, providing comfort and care to those who need it, along with a home-made power bar or two.


She is the queen of partnership and marital relationships, and isn’t afraid to stand up to her man. However, her main goal is to keep the peace while being seen as an equal, and she is a natural leader among women.

We’ve all seen the Goddess archetypes in movies - Queen, Diva, Vixen, Huntress, each with her own style, agenda and secret power. Through the different stages of being a woman, the goddess shows her energy in many forms, maiden, mother, crone. All of these aspects have a valuable message about being a woman, and are evolving over time as well.

You may find that you relate to a combination of these energies, and embody different goddess energy depending on the situation. For instance, you probably want to be Aphrodite in the bedroom, but Athena in the boardroom. Observe your relationship with each archetype and see where you can make some shifts in goddess energy and then try the following exercise.

1.     Grab an image of your goddess to help you focus your intent – statuary, printed image, artwork whatever speaks to you.


2.     Take time to meditate with the image. Spend 5 minutes thinking about the qualities of the goddess energy you would like to cultivate.


3.     Find 3 examples of how you can take action to bring more of this into your life and DO it.

If you really want something to change in your life, you must follow through with the last step. Just meditating on the goddess is not enough; the action that you take towards making positive change in your own life is the most important step. No action equals no change.

Here at A Soul’s Own Place, we have goddess statuary, books on goddess energy and goddess oracle decks to help you invite the goddess into your life. Crystals and flower essences are also wonderful tools to help you release old patterns and cultivate the energy you need in your life right now.

We are also hosting a Goddess Festival on Saturday, February 10th 5pm. Stop in and let the goddess speak to you!

Becoming more aware of these energies helps us to lead more dynamic, yet balanced lives. Recognizing the goddess qualities in yourself is the key to unlocking the innate gifts of your unique divine feminine.