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Metaphysical center opens in Bozeman


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Jason Bacaj

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 12:15 am |  0 comments

Canadian children’s entertainer Raffi Cavoukian told millions of children in the 1980s that you have to sing when the spirit says sing.

And when the spirit says go to Billings, you go to Billings.

Even if it gives you pause, as it did with Cheryl Barry, psychic and owner of the Bozeman metaphysical center, A Soul’s Own Place, located at 103 S. Eighth Ave, in the Community Food Co-op’s former offices. About four years ago, Barry had been meditating on where in the world her family was supposed to move when guiding spirits gave her the “very specific answer” of Billings, Mont.

“I went, ‘What?’” said Barry, who was living in Seattle at the time. “I sat back down and I asked them again, and I’m like, ‘Are you sure it’s Billings?’”

The spirits — which are difficult for Barry to explain, but are angels or “ascended masters” who help guide her toward the answers to difficult questions during meditation — directed her to go to Montana’s most populous city and look into the earth’s energy grids. There she learned to use a pendulum and map to find her way. At each four-way stop, Barry would pull over and put the pendulum over the map, ask where to go, and be directed by its pull, she said.

“We would’ve gone north once and the next time it would tell me I needed to go south,” Barry said. “We were everywhere and it got really annoying after a while.”

She and her kids went to Big Timber for a week while Barry worked with the pendulum. She got frustrated and decided to go to Bozeman to replace a crystal. The town didn’t have a metaphysical store at the time, however. The image of one flooded into Barry’s mind immediately.

It took a few years, but Barry and her husband, a software developer, moved to Bozeman about a year ago. A Soul’s Own Place opened in March last year. It expanded into the rest of the building on the corner of South Eighth Avenue and West Babcock Street several weeks ago and held a grand opening in December.

“It’s been really good. Terrifying, but good,” Barry said.

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