An Energetic Time Out


Surviving the holdiays can be a real challenge.  The planning and organizing aside, it's the interactions with our families that usually send us running for the Vodka bottle.  To help you make it through this Holdiay season a little easier I'd like to share with you how to clear energy from your space.

We encounter difficult people all of the time in our lives, but did you know that more often than not if you find yourself irritated, flustered or frustrated it is because someone else's energy is in your space? 

Have you ever had the experience of being around someone that completely exhausted you even though nothing physically exerting had transpired? 

 This is a good indication that your energy was flowing away from you and quickly.  Both of these scenarios happen all of the time in our day to day encounters but generally to a lesser degree than when we get around our families and throw in a little holdiay cheer.  So how do you stop it from happening?  The tools that I will teach here can help you keep your energy in your own space, remove others energy from your space and call your energy back to you should you give some away.  You can do these anywhere at anytime.  

Step 1:  Releasing other peoples energy

This first tool is especially useful for stressful situations or if you are just feeling irritable.  In the beginning it may be easiest to do this in a quiet space but with practice you will be able to easily do this while standing in the kitchen with the kids screaming and the dog tripping you.  

-Sit in a chair, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 

- Now imagine something long and cylindrical in shape (it can be anything for example, a feather boa, a string of pearls, or a pipe).  Now imagine that this long cylindrical object hooks into your first chakra (base of your spine) with whatever method makes sense for the object (use tape, glue, a hook etc.).  Now imagine it growing down to the center of the planet into the solid core and attaching there in a way that makes sense for your object.  Imagine your object growing to be at least as wide as you are.  Once you have it hooked in and as wide as you, give it a tug to make sure it's secure.  Imagine this cord to be flexible and stretchy so that no matter where you go it will move with you easily.  

-Visualize an on/ off switch at the top of the cord and flip the switch to "on".  You are now able to release enegy down what we call your grounding cord.  Imagine any energy that doesn't belong to you is heavier than you are and will automatically fall down your grounding cord.  This takes no effort on your part, but if it makes it easier you can imagine the people that you have been in contact with going down your grounding cord one by one by imagining that all of their energy lights up in a neon color of your choice and then sit back and watch the pretty colors fall down your grounding cord as you release all of the energy that doesn't belong to you.  

This process of releasing other peoples energy ultimately benefits both of you because you don't need their energy in your space (it takes a lot of your own energy to accommodate their vibration) and they need their energy back so that they can be fully who they are and to be able to create for themselves.  

Now that you have released other peoples energy, you have some empty space and we all know what happens to empty space, it get's filled up, and if we aren't careful or conscious it will fill up with junk and in this case energetic junk which means that it's usually pretty low vibrationally and no fun whatsoever to have in our space.  so on to step 2.

Step 2:  Calling in your energy

We want to make sure that any time we release energy that we fill back in with whatever energy is going to be best for us.  That energy is your own because it vibrates at exactly your own frequency so you don't expend energy trying to match it or make it match you.  So how do we do this?  

-We use a visualization of a Sun.  Just like the sun in the sky, this sun is big, bright and warm and radiates its wonderful beams down on you.  The difference with this sun is that it is your very own, vibrating and generating energy at exactly your vibration.  It also acts like a magnet for your energy.  Imagine yourself sitting in a sun beam and soaking it up into every single cell in your body but especially .  

-Take as long as you need to to feel completly full.  Once you are filled up bend over and touch your toes to bring you out of trance.

This excercise can be as restful as a nap or a good nights sleep, so if you're feeling a little sluggish take a minute to call in your Golden Sun. 

Step 3:  Replace your grounding cord multiple times a day

Grounding cords are like drains, sometimes they get clogged or worn out so it is important to replace them frequently.  It is a good idea to have a whole wardrobe of different grounding cords so that you can choose which one will work right in any given circumstance or on any given day.  -Releasing a grounding cord is as easy as unhooking it from your first chakra and allowing it to fall to the center of the earth.  Then you attach a new one that is just right for where you are at that moment.  

-It is a great idea to wake up each morning and replace your grounding cord and call in your Golden Sun, but you may want to do this at every transition throughout your day as well.  

There are many other uses for grounding cords and Golden Sun's and if you'd like to learn more ways that you can use your grounding cord and golden sun or to practice, join me for Meditation I.  If you have questions or want to share your experience with these tools, please comment.