Stone Whisperers

The energy of stones live all around us.  They support you as you walk upon the earth, hold up the walls of your home and even power our cell phones. From ancient times, stones have been treasured for both building materials and their glorious, often hidden, beauty. Stones have so much to say to us, but it takes a little practice to actually hear them.  We need to become “stone whisperers” to truly harness their power.

Some of us already do this naturally.  By keeping rocks in our pockets,wearing them as jewelry or using them for paperweights, we are automatically under the influence of these little critters. However, the power of stones can be amplified even more when used in a sacred geometry grid.  You can capture this power yourself and use it to create love, money, health - anything!  

If you’ve been in to A Soul’s Own Place lately, you may have noticed a variety of grids set up around the center.  We have a prosperity grid set up in front that helps match people with appropriate practitioners, and in each treatment room there is a small grid that helps clear stagnant energy and promote healing. You don’t need to be a “stone whisperer” to be positively affected by these grids, just being near the stones is enough.

A particularly special grid in the store is the “love” grid that one of my students anonymously set up after class one night. Its just a little tiny one, but it’s powerful, helping to heal and release grief and blockages that keep the heart from opening.  Of course, you can set these up for yourself in your home, office, car, bedroom - anywhere!

Do you need to know a lot about stones and crystals?

Absolutely not! In the Stone Grid I class we show you how to “tune-in” to the feel of each stone intuitively and also introduce you to our favorite resources such as “The Crystal Bible” that will help you understand the power of these stones. Tuning in energetically tells you what special qualities the stones can bring to the grid you want to create. The group energy field of the class helps you develop your “stone whispering” power so you can communicate with every stone along your path.

In class, we combine the energetic feeling of the stone with the traditional meaning of the stone and apply that energy and intention to the grid. There’s no need to worry about your intuitive powers though - your capacity to become a “stone whisperer” will develop over time, but it is not necessary to be able to “feel” a stone to make a stone grid work.  Just setting up the grid and the appropriate stones is enough to build and release your intention in the beginning.

What are stone grids?

Stone grids are just a simple arrangement of stones on a grid pattern that is based on the ancient symbols of sacred geometry. In the first class you will learn how to set up a grid using 3 different sets of stones.  Each set of stones adds a layer of intention to the grid, and when complete, they all work together to amplify the power of the grid itself and hold space for your intention.

The types of grids you can create is only limited by your imagination. Anything from attracting a new job or lover, healing grief or anger and everything in between. You can release the pain of the past, receive the present moment more fully and set up the future you desire, all in one grid!

Do the grids really work?

The grids are very powerful, as many of our students and clients have discovered. A local couple who has taken the full Stone Grid class series set up a “welcome money” grid in their home. It started to work right away as material things they needed were spontaneously given to them - dishes and furniture - and they were really excited about it. Then it turned into actual cash flow. They started finding money in odd places, coat pockets and junk drawers, but within a few weeks a large sum of money became available to them that they did not have access to previously. They were thrilled, of course and extremely thankful that they became “stone whisperers.” It can happen to you too!

If you can’t make it to class, we have pre-made cards available that tell you exactly which stones you need, where to place them on the grid and how to activate it.  We also have a huge selection of books on crystals and stones, so you can learn the properties of individual stones and create your own grids that will broadcast your unique intentions to the world. And, of course, the entire stone grid course is available for purchase so you can learn the basics at home.

Your chance to become a stone whisperer is on August 23rd, 2014 - 1pm!  Sign up now to secure your space in class, as it fills up quickly.  

For those of you who are already using stones in your daily lives, tell us how you use them and what they do for you in the comments below.