Psychic Readings aren't the same thing as Fortune Telling


I get the question a lot of "What exactly is it that you do?"  Often followed by "Oh can you read Me?"  and "What do you see in my future?"  The answers to these questions are harder to explain than I would like them to be and some days I wish that I could say "I'm a firefighter" or "I'm a Chef".  Nice simple job descriptions that don't tend to rock someones beliefs to the core.  But alas I am what I am and ultimately it suits me better to be somewhat undefinable.   So here is a fairly condensed version of what it is that happens in a reading with a Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Psychic (for lack of a better term).

I work with energy.  Now considering that everything is energy this means that I work with everything (small scope huh?).  So in order to limit the focus in a reading I use a framework of either having someone ask me questions or by using a set of tools that give me incredibly pertinent information for the person that I'm reading like what they are currently focused on in this particular chapter of their lives and why it's relevent to them as a body and a soul.  This part of the reading focuses on bringing forward things that may not be easily seen by the readee often giving them a great deal of clarity around particular situations and relationships and helps them to see a pathway where before all they could see were trees.

Beyond the information that is received, I am also able to "see" the energy field around a person and the energy that makes up their physical body.  When looking at this energy I receive information regarding what each color means to the person and why they are using it, but more importantly I can see where their energy is being blocked by other energy and I can assist the person in removing it from their space, allowing their own energy to move more freely and easily.  I can also tell how that energy effects them on a daily basis, so that if it were to come back, they could recognize it and remove it themselves or with assistance.  Often times this energy blockage has been there for a very long time and is something that the person has struggled with but just can't seem to move past.  

What differentiates each psychic is that we all use our own framework for looking at the energy and we have our specialties in what we can see, hear, know or feel.  Because we are looking at so much information we have to limit our focus to one area.  While this gives us valuable information, it may not be the whole picture and another psychic reading the same person at the same time may see something different or interperet the same thing in a different way, another piece of the puzzle you might say.  While they may see different things, both things may be true and you will often see commanalities between readings with different readers.  There may also be differences in what colors one psychic sees in a persons aura vs. another psychic.  This happens because we are interpreters so while Orange to me may represent passion and sensuality, another psychic may see Pink instead but they will interpret pink to be passion and sensuality, in other words we each have our own unique way of decoding the information that we are receiving.  

So this all brings us back to seeing the future.  While we can look at the future, there are an infinite number of possible futures so what we tend to do is follow the thread of where this particular future will lead.  But there are always branches in the road and free will.  Sometimes we can feel that a future outcome is pretty solid meaning that a lot of paths are likely to lead to a particular outcome (still not guaranteed) or it can feel a little more fluid like water where it's really hard to distinguish a likely outcome because multiple possibilities seem somewhat likely, or it can appear dark or fuzzy for the same reasons.  Short term future issues are always easier to see because the number of possibilities are fewer than long term future issues but we can sometimes get glimpses of those long term visions as well.  

For me this is my least favorite part of a reading because it generally doesn't provide a tangible value to the readee's every day life and may in fact influence their decisions.  I would prefer to assist them on gaining clarity on who they truely are so that they are able to make decisions based on who they are and who they want to become.  If you'd like to experience a reading or two for yourself, a great way to do this is to join us for the Reawakend Heart Body and Soul Expo on March 30th.  A number of readers and healers will be available and you can spend a few minutes with each of them and see for youself how powerful a reading or healing can be.

As usual I'd love to hear your comments questions and feedback, so please feel free to leave one below.

Cheryl Barry


A Soul's Own Place