How to Use a Pendulum

The Art of Divination – how to use a pendulum for intuitive guidance

A pendulum is a wonderful tool for getting intuitive information. They’re somewhat mystical – akin to the modern Magic 8 Ball.  Ask it a question and it responds.  Yes, no, maybe.  Sometimes you get “ask again later” or it just hangs there refusing to budge, but usually the pendulum is straightforward – if you ask the right question, that is.

They’re somewhat simple too – it’s basically a weight suspended on a string. They can be made of wood, metal, or stone and may be hung from a beautiful silver chain. It doesn’t need to be especially elaborate or mystical, but what it does is extraordinary. It is a conduit for the Universe to speak directly to you. Yeah, you.

So you’re thinking, “how the heck do you talk to a rock on a string, and how do you know what the answer is?”

 But if you had a tool that was “plugged-in” to the Universe right there in your pocket that could help you make choices, narrow down options and steer you away from things that aren’t right for you, wouldn’t you use it? No, I’m not talking about Siri – the pendulum is a much more insightful and direct tool.

Pendulums can be used in almost any situation to answer questions. But just like anything else, practice makes perfect and the following guidelines will get you started.

How to hold a pendulum

1.     Center and ground yourself before using your pendulum. It is essential to be in a neutral state of mind to receive clear answers.

2.     Hold the pendulum by the end of chain between your thumb and index finger. You can hold it in either way shown in the pictures.

3.     Make sure that your upper body and back are straight, that the energy can flow freely. Hold your arm still against a table or your body so that your hand does not move.


 Since there are a variety of ways that a pendulum can move to show you answers, it’s important to ask it to tell you how it will answer you.  Do the following each time before you use your pendulum:

1.     Hold the pendulum vertically and let it be still

2.     Say “please show me yes”  - observe the movement (see below)

3.     Say “please show me no” – observe the movement

4.     Say “am I communicating with a being of 100% pure light? (if no, ask for another being to give you answers)

5.     Say “will you work with me today for the greatest and highest good?” (if no, discontinue reading for a day and clear your pendulum as stated below.

If the answers to #4 and #5 are “yes” then continue to ask whatever questions you wish, as long as they can be answered with a “yes” or ‘no”.  The more specific the question, the more clear the answer will be. For instance, rather than asking, “should I buy this car?” it may be more helpful to ask a series of questions such as “does it get good gas mileage” or “is there a hidden problem with this vehicle?”


How to listen to a pendulum

Many times the pendulum will move forward/backward and left/right for yes/no.  Other times it will move counterclockwise and counterclockwise for yes and no.  You need to ask it each time you pick it up, but generally it will settle on either set of movements to tell you what it means.  If the pendulum does not move it generally means “I don’t know” or “that information is not available” or “maybe.”   If you get an unclear message – then you need to get more specific with your question.


How to clear a pendulum

There are a few ways to ensure that your pendulum performs well.  You can lay it out in the sunlight for a few hours to clear and recharge, or bathe them in moonlight for more intuitive energy.  If you would like a little more direct contact with nature, bury in the dirt or salt to ground it, or submerge in natural running water or salt to clear the energy.  Be careful though some crystals that pendulums are made of are sensitive to sun like amethyst and fluorite and some are sensitive to water such as kyanite. Store your pendulum in a soft pouch when not in use.



The art of divination is just that – an art, a skill. It’s a practiced way of doing something.  As long as you empty your mind of expectations and let the pendulum do its job, the Universe is at your fingertips. So grab your pendulum and start asking questions.