Clearing your Castle

Does Your Home Need an Energy Clearing? Your home is your castle, a sanctuary, the place where you go when you need nurturing and protection. So just like any other part of your life it needs to have its energy cleared on a regular basis. The remnants of old arguments, emotional stresses, even the problems of previous tenants can all be lingering in your home. Building up bits of old psychic debris like an invisible dust bunny, these wisps of the past can clog your space – both physically and energetically.

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This energy clutter can manifest itself in physical ways, such as actual dust or piles of junk. There may be a particular drawer, closet, or entire wing of your house that you can’t seem to clean up, clear out or otherwise organize. Perhaps you want to re-purpose a room and need to move more than the furniture to get the feel of the room right. Shifting the non-physical energy often allows you to shift the physical more easily.

Stagnant energy can show up in emotional ways as well. If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a particular space, like something is dragging you down, or you’re always tired and upset in a particular area of the house, these are good indications that you need to clear out the old to make way for the new. Old energy can make communication in the home difficult, and you may notice more arguments, misunderstandings and hurt feelings when this energy is allowed to accumulate. 


If a non-physical entity or other spirit is hanging around, it will definitely try to get your attention. Things disappearing, stuff falling off shelves or lights going beserk may be clues that something is trying to make contact with you. Maybe you get goosebumps, feel unexplained cold breezes every so often, or basically feel like someone is watching you. Kinda creepy, huh?

Don’t worry. There are easy remedies for all of this. Doing a home clearing once a month is a nice opportunity to clear out what isn’t working for you and set new intentions in every area of your home. Try the steps below to clear out this energy and take charge of the energetic space around you.

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• You will need: smudging sage, bowl of water, salt, candle

• Light the candle and ask for divine presence, angelic support, or just set an intention for clearing.

• Place a handful of salt in a bowl of water and place in center of room you are clearing.

• Light the sage bundle with the candle and blow on it to produce a thick stream of smoke.

• Begin at the door of the room and walk in a clockwise motion around the room, filling both the center and corners of the room with the sage smoke – a feather is great for directing it.

• Work around the room until you return to the door, repeating a mantra as you work through the room such as “I remove all unnecessary energy from this space”, “I infuse this space with love and light” or anything else that feels appropriate to you. Intend that the salt water will collect any heavy negativity and trap it. 

• Finish at the entrance and hold the intention for a moment, and thank your angels or the Universe for supporting this process.

• Open the windows of the room, or other rooms in the house to clear the smoke, understanding that the sage will neutralize and carry away any negativity. Pour the water at the base of a tree and know that the earth will transform it.

• Enjoy your new space.

Space Clearing A-Z

Doing a space clearing on a regular basis is enough to get rid of old conversations, and attachments to clutter that may be crowding your space. However, if you do find that there is something more hanging around than you can handle, call in a professional. A trained clairvoyant can offer an intuitive and objective perspective, and can help you see what you may have missed. Plus, they won’t be freaked out by what they find, old dead ladies hanging out in the kitchen, small children playing in the attic, it’s all in a day’s work to a professional, and it will be handled in a safe and healing manner for everyone.

After clearing a space, the energy will feel lighter, more welcoming and joyful. Your relationships will move more smoothly, and cleaning the house will be less of a struggle. It’s a literal healing for your house and everyone in it on an energetic, emotional and physical level. 

Give us a call when your space needs a boost, and we’ll shift the psychic clutter, emotional chaos and physical disorder into something more productive for you and those that live with you. And we’ll even give an angelic escort to those energy beings who no longer belong in your space -no extra charge.