6 Easy Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

gratitude slide

The crisp fall leaves and a hint of winter in the air certainly can put us in a grateful mood. Cozy mittens, a slow-cooked stew, and cuddling by the fire are easy things to be thankful for, but can you appreciate all aspects of your life? Even the ones that you have a hard time appreciating like paying bills, supporting someone through an illness, losing a job?

Most of us have a hard time being thankful for everything that happens to us. After all, what’s to love about the things that seem to bring more pain than joy? But if we can see how there is something valuable in every experience that the Universe offers you, your life will be richer than you can imagine.

Counting your blessings can powerfully transform your life. It will help you not only to be thankful for what you have, but you will be able to create more abundance while also being able to let go when your world is out of your control. Like when disaster strikes and you’re left with the damages...how do you see the good in that?

The Universe’s Response to Gratitude

It starts by knowing that the Universe is really in charge of your life, and how you participate in that life affects what happens in that life. So you need to be in harmony with the Universe and receive and let go appropriately. That’s hard for us humans to do!

In order to be more in harmony with the Universe, it is crucial to develop an attitude of gratitude. Its not just about counting your blessings, but actually developing a gratitude practice, so that it becomes part of your lifestyle, not just a once-a-year kinda thing. You begin by starting to pay attention to what’s right in your world rather than finding what’s wrong. Making gratitude a regular practice will actually amp up the positive power of the Universe in your life, and you’ll find that there is more good than you think. Plus, you’ll cultivate a better perspective on the bad stuff when the Universe serves up something unexpected.  

The Meek and the Arrogant

Some of us only speak of the not-so-good in our life and downplay the really amazing stuff. Perhaps we believe that if we praise ourselves we will be seen as being self-important. There is also a feeling that if we love something too much, it will be taken away.

We also tend to go looking for the cracks in other people’s foundations to make ourselves feel better. The ego loves to compare itself to others who are not doing as well because it gets to prove how great a job it’s doing in manifesting an identity for ourselves. It also hates when other people are doing well, because it believes that if someone else has love, fame, happiness, there won’t be any leftover.  The ego doesn’t believe in an abundant Universe and is therefore a bit of a bore.

However, acknowledging what’s going well for us can be a much lovelier conversation to have with someone. What if you could offer up a simple thing you’re thankful for when you engage with someone? “I’m just enjoying the ______ today how about you?” You can talk positively about yourself without making others feel small and still be happy for other’s success in the world.

One of the easiest ways to shift out of a sense of lack and into a state of abundance is to be grateful even for the small things that might upset you.  For example, if you’re stressed out financially and every time you have to pay a bill it causes negativity and a sense of lack, then you will just put more energy into “not having enough”. However, by being grateful for what those bills represent - heat, phone, food - you can shift your energy around money and create more abundance in your life. Besides, its so much easier to pay bills when you’re happy.

Gratitude practice:

  • Wake up and find 10 things you are grateful for that day. At the end of the day, find another 10 things that happened throughout the day to appreciate.
  • Carry a gratitude rock in your pocket - like rose quartz or citrine. Each time you touch it, think of why you’re grateful in this moment.
  • Be grateful for the bills you have to pay. Imagine the recipient being thankful for the money you are giving to them. Send the money with joy.
  • Use an essential oil such as Abundance  to trigger a grateful mindset and enhance a sense of wellbeing.
  • Light a candle in your meditation practice and offer a thank you to someone who helped you today - at the coffeeshop, at work, in the doctor’s office...
  • Learn about The Law of Attraction and utilize the principles in your daily life to create abundance and harmony with the Universe. (amazon link)   

These little moments of gratitude sprinkled throughout your day can help you stay balanced and positive when things don’t go as you had hoped. Focusing on the good things in your life allows the Universe to bring you more of them. Simply state your need to the Universe and have faith that it will be given to you if it is meant to be. Dedicate yourself to this practice for 30 days and it will become a habit that you can cultivate throughout the year - not just during a holiday.

What are the things you are grateful for?  How will you cultivate a sense of abundance in the year to come? Write your comments below and share this with someone you are grateful for.