November Astrology Forecast

This month promises to be a little complicated and serious, but will lead into the holidays with reason to celebrate. After the Mercury Retrograde of last month, November 2014 may seem less challenging despite the somber tone.

On November 6th, the Full Moon will peak in the sign of Taurus, offering plenty of sensual delights along the way. We’re talking fireplace, chocolate, bearskin rug type of thing. Now is the time to indulge in pleasure (without the guilt) and really enjoy the moment with that special someone.

Speedy Mercury will join lovely Venus in the sign of Scorpio on November 8th, triggering a narrow, focused period of seriousness in relationships. A touch of pre-holiday gloom may be lurking just below the surface, mixing with a passionate intensity that can whip up some extra drama if you’re not careful. This energy can turn a hopeless romantic into a scorned stalker, so watch the superficial flirting on November 12th when a clash between Venus and Saturn sets off sparks!

Venus moves on to visit optimistic Sagittarius on November 16th influencing possessive partners to drop the jealous power games. The mood begins to shift from somber to celebratory, and desperate fears can quickly turn into passionate exchanges.

The big day for planetary action this month is November 22nd, when the Sun moves into boisterous Sagittarius, signaling the beginning of the holiday season. A New Moon in Sagittarius also joins the Sun on this day and enhances the possibility for adventure and need for higher education. Think “big picture” and go for it!

Thanksgiving Day, on November 27th, welcomes Mercury into Sagittarius giving extra positivity and conviviality to the family dinner table. Celebrate fully with your loved ones, but watch for a possible clash of ideals over pumpkin pie. Say less, eat more.

All the while, Mars and Pluto have been hanging out in Capricorn, offering a determined, pragmatic energy that can have seriously radical outcomes for anything happening in November 2014. Be ready for unexpected troubles, but know that a higher good is being achieved through a little upheaval. While patience and flexibility are necessary throughout the month, generous Jupiter will partner with quirky Uranus providing unexpected support on many levels, giving us all many reasons to be thankful!