December Forecast

December is the last month of the calendar year, and now the first month of Winter is upon us. The Sun has moved into Sagittarius, which heightens the feeling of abundance and possibility that the holidays bring. It is also a time to reflect on the past year and assess our progress. Sorry to interrupt your festivities, but it’s important to get real about what you’re actually celebrating.

Early in the month, Uranus and Jupiter are met in quick succession by Venus, Mercury and the Sun in the first half of December, bringing a spirit of inspired innovation and access to an inner reservoir of faith and optimism. Now is the time to stand up for causes close to your heart and believe in the magic of the season.

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There is a tendency, however, to spread yourself too thin during December 6-10th. If you’re feeling on edge because of too much shopping, baking and merriment, remind yourself not to take things too personally. The magnifying vibes of a stellium in Sagittarius can make us all get up on our high horse a bit too much. The intimate clustering of Mercury, the planet of communication and Ceres, the asteroid of health, is amplified when they join with the Sun, making conversations tense and debates over health topics fiery, so it’s best to see to your own health and keep quiet about your opinions of other’s well-being. That means no talking about your fruitcake allergy unless you want to stir up trouble. Just accept the gift politely and use it for a festive doorstop.

Around December 10th, the planet of love will be caught between a very cold rock in an unexpected place.  Or in other words, Venus hangs out with transformative Pluto and quirky Uranus, making relationships vulnerable, and communication tricky. Uranus and Pluto are set to square off on December 15th, so try to stay out of the line of fire. It will be difficult, as your inner warrior is boosted by the revolutionary energy of this square, and you’re ready to be the voice of all those Tiny Tims out there. Tread lightly and try to cooperate rather than dictate and your efforts will be rewarded.

It can be difficult to ignore the rush of commercialism, holiday gatherings and the deep need to deck your halls, but if you forget to fill up your soul, the season will seem empty. This is a time of year when deep transformation is possible, so if you really want to embrace the spirit of the season in a meaningful way, it is the perfect time to volunteer, help out a neighbor or support your favorite cause.

Enjoy things while you can because on December 22nd, the Sun enters Capricorn and the clock is ticking. This sign’s stern influence is like being awakened from a magical dream, and you’re stunned that you have to get down to business, like cooking and cleaning. Make your lists, check them twice and get ready for a wonderful, blessed holiday season.